21st September at 19.00

Church of the Ascension
Seybothstrasse 4.
81454 München

26th October at 19.00

Zum Wilden Mann
Anzinger Str. 40
81671 München


Quiz Night is a much-loved and common component of the British pub scene. Essentially, the participants or ‘punters’ are grouped into teams of six. These teams answer questions read out by the Quiz Master. The questions are delivered in ‘rounds’, each of which relates to a different subject. For example, there could be a round on history, another on geography, and so on. Answers are entered on a sheet, which is handed in after each round for marking.

In addition, a number of 'Spot' questions are delivered. This way, individuals, rather than teams, can win money. Quiz Nights provide an excellent way of bringing both strangers and colleagues together. They are also a useful, enjoyable, and interesting way of assisting students of English.

If you want an effortless way of making money for your church or charity -

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